LET GO… of pseudo spiritual smartarses

When giving your power away is not the way to go.


Controlling Emotions

Always look on the bright side of life.

Dreams build Empires

Every day, we have opportunities to get upset, frustrated or offended. Maybe you had plans that didn’t work out, or someone was rude or criticized you badly. Maybe you were doing something that should have taken one hour and ended up taking three. Life is full of inconveniences, but even though we can’t always control our circumstances, we can control our reaction.Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond.

We should always go out each day with a positive attitude, full of hope and expecting the Almightys favor. But at the same time, we should recognize that most days are not going to go exactly as we plan.The Almighty is in control. Remember, we were created to live in peace. Peace is our position of power. If you get stressed because you got off schedule, or frustrated because somebody offended you, what you’re doing is giving…

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Why Scientology auditing is not at all like traditional psychotherapy (Part 1)

Have you been audited before?

Lucky Otters Haven


This is an actual question an auditor asks you during the introductory (“communications”) course that is really an early indoctrination procedure.

This is my second post about Scientology.  It will be in two parts.

My first post about Scientology was about my own experience (thankfully, short lived) in the cult, but this one will focus less on my own personal experience and more on how Scientology (and the related Dianetics) “auditing” works and why it isn’t at all like (and is far inferior to) traditional psychotherapy (that is, when you have a good, empathetic therapist).

But before I get into the differences, I feel it’s necessary to give you some background about Dianetics and Scientology auditing and the religion that arose from it.

Mainstream mental health: an imperfect science.


Psychotherapy isn’t perfect, and of course, there are many bad therapists.   Even when you have a therapist who you are…

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Fearless Positivity — Non Descript Antagonist

What if I self medicate?

Non Descript Antagonist

Fearless Positivity
Confused by the title? Let me explain… Although there are countless personality types, being of a positive or negative demeanour is fundamentally the root of each off shoot. A common misconception about positive people is that they are always happy, never get angry and never let anything bring them down. Unless you’re a medicated, happy go lucky I’m on top of the world constantly kind of person, it’s close to impossible and frankly a bit of an annoyance to people who experience a myriad of emotions on a daily basis.
We also get angry, sad, disappointed and dare I say – EXTREMELY frustrated. But, because we’re of a positive demeanour, those 5 minutes of negativity don’t turn a good day bad. We see it for what it is and find a way to turn whatever the negative intrusion is into a positive, productive outcome. So then why the…

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A Powerful Heart Meditation With Psalm Isadora To Open Your Heart & Help Heal Past Traumas — Haroun Kola

In this moving video, sex and relationships expert, Psalm Isadora, teaches you a simple, yet powerful meditation to remove shame and fear around your relationships, and allow yourself to be truly vulnerable and open. If you enjoyed this heart meditation exercise, learn even more techniques to become more comfortable with your sensuality with Psalm Isadora’s…

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On Disaster Housing

ì need to build this…

The Petite Toolbox

Last week, Nepal was hit with a second earthquake which got me thinking about a topic that I’ve been interested in for a while: disaster housing. Given that this is the second earthquake to strike in two weeks, the Nepalese are in a dire situation. Three-fourths of the county’s infrastructure has completely evaporated, leaving millions of people displaced and without shelter. The intensity of this latest disaster underlines how important finding a long-term,  disaster-recovery housing solution is.

Unfortunately, like any socially focused enterprise, balancing business needs with high-impact design is hard. Architecture for Humanity (“Design Like You Give a Damn”), which filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January, is an example of this need to strike a delicate balance between being profitable and being highly impactful.

I recently came across an interesting and promising  company while reading up on disaster housing.  Reaction Housing is based out of Austin and they create beautiful…

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