Fearless Positivity — Non Descript Antagonist

What if I self medicate?

Non Descript Antagonist

Fearless Positivity
Confused by the title? Let me explain… Although there are countless personality types, being of a positive or negative demeanour is fundamentally the root of each off shoot. A common misconception about positive people is that they are always happy, never get angry and never let anything bring them down. Unless you’re a medicated, happy go lucky I’m on top of the world constantly kind of person, it’s close to impossible and frankly a bit of an annoyance to people who experience a myriad of emotions on a daily basis.
We also get angry, sad, disappointed and dare I say – EXTREMELY frustrated. But, because we’re of a positive demeanour, those 5 minutes of negativity don’t turn a good day bad. We see it for what it is and find a way to turn whatever the negative intrusion is into a positive, productive outcome. So then why the…

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